Week 20: Has it really been this long?

I’m going to give a tip to all of you out there who talk to pregnant people in the future.  You never need to use the word “big,” as in “You’ve gotten so big!”  Or, “But she’s having twins, that’s why she’s so big.”  Seriously?  I don’t know if people just don’t think this stuff through or if they honestly don’t understand that no one likes to be called big, not even if they’re growing two babies.

The pregnancy is still going well.  I’ve gained almost 7 pounds so far. My belly is definitely getting bigger. For the most part, I’m still able to do everything I need to do. I feel tired a lot of the time, so I’m trying to get as much sleep as I can.  I get heartburn occasionally, and it has picked up in the last week.  I don’t know if eating all of the good food at Thanksgiving has contributued to it, or if it would be getting worse anyway.  Yesterday I got it while eating a banana. So it’s hard to say.

I’ve started getting some back pain if I’ve been standing for awhile.  And occasionally, my stomach hurts as though I’ve done a major ab workout, which I haven’t. Overall, it’s nothing too terrible yet, though.

My last doctor’s appointment was at 18 weeks.  At this point, she recommended that I stop running. I told her I was only running for about 30 minutes, 3 times a week, and she just said, “It takes a lot of calories to grow two babies, and running burns a lot of calories. Babies of runners are born smaller, and twins are born smaller anyway.” Point taken. I’ve been trying to walk Nieve for at least 30 minutes instead, but I definitely miss running.

Today starts week 20, which is about the half-way point. In a singleton pregnancy, half-way would be at the end of week 20, but my doctor has said that the twins are coming out week 38 (assuming I don’t have problems with pre-term labor), so this puts us at the half-way point. It’s exciting and a little scary considering we still have so much to do.

One other important thing happens this week, the next ultrasound. If the babies are in a good position, this should tell us their genders. Of course, it’s only a guess. But it will be nice to know what we *think* they are.

And if you’re wondering about my names, one of my students helped me pick them out: Lebron and Kobe if they are boys. Venus and Serena if they are girls. If you think I’m being serious… well, don’t worry. 🙂

Here is a picture from Thanksgiving, still week 19:

Happy Thanksgiving, Babies


About Twins Happen

My husband and I learned that we were having twins in October of 2010. I started this blog so that family and friends could follow my pregnancy and the development of our children. I'm continuing to post about my girls, parenting, and trying to balance work, family time, and fitness.
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4 Responses to Week 20: Has it really been this long?

  1. Kally says:

    Holy cow, my dear! I cannot believe you’ve still be running! I must, at this point, bow down to you. I can’t seem to run with my own belly…kudos! Like I said before, everything will be just fine. Whatever gets done by the time those babies come, you and Will will make it work. If you get anxious, just think about cribs, clothes and diapers (and formula/bottles if you aren’t nursing). That’s really all newborns need to get by. I don’t think it’s possible to get everything done so you feel ready. I know I didn’t feel like I was ready, but everything turned out just dandy. Now my babies are 7 and 8…ugh, I miss them being babies! 😉 Love ya, Ica, and know that you’re doing an amazing job. Thanks for the update.

  2. Medina says:

    I love the names! 😉 How about for a boy & a girl?? I say maybe….. Terry & Jamie… that way people still have to ask which is which! hahaha! Glad it’s going well.

  3. jlb1979 says:

    Ica, your skin has a healthy glow! I’m so excited that you & Will are having twins. You have to call me after your ultra sound this week, even if they can’t tell the gender of the babies yet. If you’re still worried about having twins, be super glad that they aren’t triplets or quadruplets! Just think about how the “OctaMom” felt or still feels today.

    I was told at work today, I might be able to get the day off for your baby shower. I guess that’s better than the, “No!” I received when I asked for the day off for Traci’s baby shower. I’ll keep you posted. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    • Twins Happen says:

      The healthy glow is probably just the flash. 🙂 I will call you this week after the big appointment. If we know anything, we’ll probably post to facebook as well.

      I have a hard time feeling bad for the OctaMom when she INTENTIONALLY had 8 babies at once. She says it’s because she didn’t feel right having the fertilized embryos out there, but I really think it’s because she wanted the attention and fame that would come with setting the record for giving birth to the most children (at one time.) But yes, I’ll be glad that it’s not triplets. 🙂

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