Week 35: Nieve is not a fan of me being awake at 2 a.m.

My dog has given me several confused and annoyed looks as I’ve moved from the kitchen, to the computer, to the bathroom, and back to the computer, turning on different lights and making various noises along the way. She’s used to having the downstairs quiet and to herself at night. The arrival of two babies is going to be an adjustment for her.

I’m awake right now because I went to bed too early, which is kind of silly, but I couldn’t help it.  I have been feeling more and more tired lately, which I wouldn’t have thought was possible. I even got about 7 hours of sleep both Wednesday and Thursday night, but I was still dragging Friday afternoon.

I left school at 2:45, the end time of my “contract day,” which I almost NEVER do. I met Will at home. We needed to buy more dog food for Nieve, and Will wanted to get some things at Target. The only reason I was willing to run errands on a Friday afternoon was the promise of shamrock shakes at McDonalds.

Honstely, I probably haven’t been to McDonalds since March last year when we got shamrock shakes after a long run one Saturday. I really don’t eat their food, with the exception of their desserts which occasionally show up in the staff room at school. But a shamrock shake sounded REALLY good, and they’re only available through St. Patrick’s Day, so I wanted to get one while I could.

Sadly, when we got to McDonald’s, they were out.  We got chocolate instead, but it definitely did NOT make all of the errand running feel worthwhile. We got home, made a snack, watched a TV show Will had recorded during the week, and then I felt incredibly sleepy. We lay down to take a nap around 5:30, which I should have known is a little too late for “napping.”  At 9:00 I heard Will’s alarm going off. I told him I was going to try and just keep sleeping.  He got up and left the bedroom.  I went to the bathroom, and then fell asleep until about 1:00 when he was coming back to bed.  Unfortunately I couldn’t fall asleep again, so I’ve been up ever since.

If I was smart, I would get out my grading, or finish my thank you notes from my shower, or wash a load of the newborn clothing we bought last weekend, or even read in the book I’ve been trying to finish since January, which I know that if I don’t finish before the babies are born, I may never finish it. Instead I have just been kind of zoning out, listening to podcasts, and trying to wrap my mind around the fact that life is about to get VERY different for us, VERY VERY soon.

As of today, I am 34 weeks complete. This means we can deliver at the hospital that is closest to us, instead of having to drive to the one 40 minutes away because of its advanced NICU.  And not that my doctor has talked to me about any of this, but I know from my friend who had twins in December, that making it to this time dramatically decreases the likelihood of complications should the babies be born early.

Very fortunately, I have not had any issues so far with pre-term labor. Were I to go into labor now, though, I know from my friend’s experience that even though we want these babies to cook for 3-4 more weeks, doctors would likely not stop the labor process. These babies could be born at any time, which is really strange to think about.

Considering the fact that I’ve been leaving my desk at work a total mess every night, not putting my stuff away from the day before, and truly not figuring out what I’m doing with my students until the morning before classes start, I guess I’d better make the effort to be a little more organized. I’d hate to make Will try to email or call in sub plans for me from the hospital. I really, really hope I’m able to make it until spring break.


About Twins Happen

My husband and I learned that we were having twins in October of 2010. I started this blog so that family and friends could follow my pregnancy and the development of our children. I'm continuing to post about my girls, parenting, and trying to balance work, family time, and fitness.
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