5 Months

Siren (purple) Imogen (pink) 5 months old

I can’t believe the babies are 5 months old! Things are really starting to happen now. Imogen learned to roll over (front to back) on her third day at daycare.  Then Siren rolled over two days later.  Now Imogen can almost roll over back to front.

The babies have handled the adjustment to daycare really well.  When I drop them off in the mornings they are happy and excited to see the lady who runs the daycare center. I feel like that is a really good sign.

I am enjoying being back at school, but I’m really glad that it’s only part-time. It’s hard to find time to get everything done, so it’s really nice to only have one class to prepare for and only 3 classes of assignments to grade.

I’m still very uncertain about what I want to do next year, but since I don’t really have to make any decisions until about February, I have some time to think about it.

Here are a couple of more pictures.



About Twins Happen

My husband and I learned that we were having twins in October of 2010. I started this blog so that family and friends could follow my pregnancy and the development of our children. I'm continuing to post about my girls, parenting, and trying to balance work, family time, and fitness.
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